Winners of the President of the Republic's contest of collecting historical memories

On June 11, a meeting of the jury of the historical memories collecting contest took place in the Estonian Literary Museum, in order to find out the winners of the contest.

The competition of collecting historical memories, which is dedicated to the Mourning Day, was announced by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on April 9 this year. The aim of the competition was to record the memories of people who had been deported. 1583 essays meeting the respective requirements had been submitted to the contest in time. 102 of those came form Harju County, 13 from Hiiumaa, 111 from Eastern Viru County, 76 from Jõgeva County, 89 from Lääne County, 135 from Western Viru County, 100 from Järva County, 23 from Põlva County, 156 from Pärnu County, 64 from Rapla County, 149 from Saaremaa, 171 from Tallinn, 142 from Tartu and Tartu County, 54 from Valga County, 122 from Viljandi County and 76 from Võru County.

In May, the best contest papers were chosen in schools and then in each county. Ten best papers of each county were sent for evaluation to the Literary Museum, to the jury consisting of Krista Aru and Rutt Hinrikus from the Literary Museum, Aigi Rahi from Tartu University, Terje Anepaio from Estonian National Museum, Mare Oja from the Ministry of Education, and Toomas Hiio from the Office of the President of the Republic.

The jury evaluated each essay''s conformity with the instructions, the thoroughness of the questions asked from the deported people, the amount of details included in descriptions, and the relevance of the enclosed materials presented.

The winners are:

1. Harju County

Maarja Kell, Tallinn German Secondary School, V form
Kristel ja Kristina Kask, Keila Secondary School, VI ja VII form
Daana Ots, Saue Secondary School, VII form

2. Hiiumaa

Sven Kõllamets, Kärdla Secondary School, XI form
Kristina Lilleõis, Kärdla Secondary School, VI form
Elisa Valdmann, Kärdla Secondary School, VIII form

3. Eastern Viru County

Katre Mähküll, Kiviõli 1. Secondary School, VII form
Kristel Juusu, Maidla Main School, VI form
Raido Sild, Avinurme Secondary School, VII form

4. Jõgeva Coutny

Imre Mihhailov, Jõgeva Secondary School, XI form
Airi Aru, Jõgeva Coeducational Secondary School, X form
Katrin Orav, Voore Main School, VII form

5. Järva County

Romet Eensoo, Türi Secondary School, VIII form
Gailit Rohula, Järva-Jaani Secondary School, X form
Janika Allingu, Koeru Secondary School, VIII form

6. Lääne County

Maris Kerge, Taebla Secondary School, XII form
Anti Kübarsepp, Haapsalu Secondary School, XI form
Siim Pääsuke, Ridala Main School, IX form

7. Western Viru Coutny

Argo ja Marko Palm, Muuga Main School
Ilona Mägi, Roela Main School, IX form
Jekaterina Ivanova, Rakvere Russian Secondary School, XI form

8. Põlva County

Kadri Luik, Põlva Secondary School, VII form
Kätlin Jansons, Vastse-Kuuste School, VIII form
Jaanika Oper, Räpina Secondary School, VIII form

9. Pärnu County

Siiri Soosaar, Sindi Secondary School, XI form
Marten Ollesk, Rait Rohi, Pärnu Rääma Main School, V form
Jarmo Siim, Pärnu Rääma Main School, IX form

10. Rapla County

Kadri Leppik, Haimre Main School, VIII form
Annaliisa Janno, Rapla Secondary Evening School, X form

11. Saaremaa

Rein Tammur, Saaremaa Coeducational Secondary School, XI form
Helena Aav ja Kaidi Leinaru, Tornimäe Main School, VI ja VII form
Riin Magus, Kuressaare Secondary School, IX form

12. Tallinn

Kadri Ott, Tallinn 32nd Secondary School, X form
Priit Priimägi, Tallinn Coeducational Secondary School, XI form
Johannes Arro, School of the Old Town Educational College,
IX form
Kerttu Reesna, Tallinn Central Secondary School for Adults, XI form
Kristina Soostar, Õismäe Coeducational Secondary School, VIII form
Evelin Niinemaa, Tallinna Väike-Õismäe Secondary School, XI form

13. Tartu Coutny

Andres Soop, Lähte Coeducational Secondary School, V form
Annika Lukner, Mai Sikka, Ülenurme Secondary School, IX form
Mihkel Rennu, Tartu Raatuse Secondary School, X form

14. Valga County

Ats Umbleja, Tõrva Secondary School, VIII form
Heisi Kurig, Otepää Secondary School, IX form
Kirke Laretei, Valga Secondary School, XI form

15. Viljandi County

Anne Allas, Viljandi C. R. Jakobson Secondary School, XI form
Tõnu Põldma, Kõpu Main School, IX form
Maarja Noormets, Viljandi County Secondary School, X form

16. Võru Coutny

Taavi Linnamäe, Võru Kreutzwaldi Secondary School, XI form
Rita Polkovnikova, Võru Kreutzwaldi Secondary School, VIII form
Diana Holodnjakova ja Kristel Lepist, Parksepa Secondary School, VI form

The jury highlighted the considerable contribution of several teachers and parents, who had given guidance to the contenstants in their writing.

The winners of the contest will go on an excursion to Finland in autumn. The best papers will be published in a book in the second half of the year 2001.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, June 11, 2001