The Paslepa Residence

Some years ago, the Residence of the President of the Republic in Paslepa on Cape Noarootsi got a new wing, which now makes it possible to receive a larger number (several dozens) of guests here. To the first floor, a study was built for the Head of State which brings to mind a Captain’s bridge with its open view of the bay and the open sea.

Although the Paslepa house was first built as a summer house, President Meri uses it throughout the year. This has little effect on the working rhythm of the President’s Office. The modern communications of the summer residence guarantee that the President’s uninterrupted communication with his office, with Estonia, with the whole world. In the Paslepa Residence there are rooms for the President’s secretary and counsellors, a small guesthouse and the sea launch “Thule” berthing in the bay.

President Meri sometimes likes to repeat the words of his father Georg Meri, a diplomat and a scholar of literature from his times in the old Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: in a state official’s day schedule, afternoon should be reserved for thinking. It seems that in Paslepa, “on the bridge” or on the beach full of reeds, thoughts and thinking are closer at hand than in Kadriorg.


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