Decorations of the Republic of Estonia
Awarded in 1995 1998

I Class of the Estonian Order of the Red Cross

  • Leida Keres Pediatrician and pedagog February 1997
  • Ülo Lepp Cardiologist February 1997
  • Heino Kreintal Kurkse Harbour Master February 1998
  • Hannes Kuusemäe Assistant to the Kurkse Harbour Master February 1998

II Class Order of the Estonian Red Cross

  • Mai Altermann Housewife February 1997
  • Jallo Freiethal Pupil of Pala School February 1997
  • Peeter Kibe Veterinarian February 1997
  • Eldur Velliste Organizer of Humanitarian aid February 1997
  • Harry Hein Director General of the Rescue Board February 1998
  • Maimu Jürgenson Nurse February 1998
  • Ilo Käbin Medical Doctor, science historian February 1998
  • Ester Laus Social worker, former of attitude towards people with mental handicap February 1998
  • Vello Meema Voluntary maritime rescuer February 1998
  • Lennart Myhlback Director Genreal of the Swedish Rescue Board February 1998
  • Pentti Partanen Head of the Finnish Rescue Service February 1998
  • Arnold Tammemägi Maintenance technician who rescued a person from drowning February 1998

III Class Order of the Estonian Red Cross

  • Helve Luik Social Worker February 1997
  • Ingrid Rüütel Folklorist February 1997
  • Kaido Kaurit Military February 1998
  • Avo Kiik Member of the Rescue Service February 1998
  • Maimu Oja Midwife February 1998
  • Tõnis Pajo Member of the Rescue Service February 1998


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