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The President of the Republic opened the building of the Estonian Embassy in Berlin

President Lennart Meri this evening opened the building of the Estonian Embassy in Germany, which had housed the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia also before World War II. Also Lennart Meri’s father Georg Meri was an Estonian diplomat in the Estonian Embassy in pre-war Germany in 1934—1938.

Representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors of other countries residing in Berlin, the Mayor of Berlin and representatives of the municipal government, local Estonians and Baltic Germans, as well as the Estonian architects and builders who had renovated the building had been asked to attend the opening ceremony.

In his address, President Meri confirmed the continuity of Estonia’s foreign policy priorities: Estonia’s wish and readiness to accede to the European Union and NATO; he also recalled his childhood, and his first steps on the path to education that had once started from the same building.

Also Gunter Pleuger, State Secretary of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke at the opening.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, September 27, 2001


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