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On the meetings of the President of the Republic in Germany

This morning, President Lennart Meri had a meeting with Wolfgang Thierse, President of the German Bundestag. In the meeting at the Reichstag Building, the international situation after the terrorist attacks to the United States of America, and the joint struggle against terrorism in the entire world were discussed. The Estonian President and the President of the Bundestag exchanged thoughts on the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent remarkable speech to the members of the Bundestag. The situation in Russia was also discussed on a broader scale, as well as the growing pains of the civic society.

As Thierse said, Germany will continue its active and substantial support to Estonia’s accession to the European Union and NATO, for which the President of the Republic thanked him in the name of Estonia. Considering the role of Germans in Estonia’s history, Germany is, besides Finland, a country to which we are united by deep and long-standing ties, the President of the Republic said.

This afternoon, Johannes Rau, the Federal President of Germany, received the President of the Republic of Estonia at the Bellevue Palace. The international situation after the terrorist attacks against the United States of America was discussed, as well as the development of international co-operation against terrorism.

The Estonian President thanked the German Head of State for the support that both Germany and President Rau himself have been giving to the Baltic countries in their aspirations towards the European Union and NATO. President Rau last spoke about this on his visit to Helsinki, which he terminated because of the terrorist attacks to New York and Washington on September 11.

On the meeting of the two Heads of State, President Rau extended a gift to his Estonian colleague and friend, who is soon leaving office – an album with the views of Berlin from before World War II – one of the cities of Lennart Meri’s childhood.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, September 27, 2001


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