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President of the Republic Met with the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Today, President Lennart Meri met with the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry who offered a dinner to the head of state at their headquarters on Dome Hill.

Accession to the European Union and the reasons why it has recently become unpopular among Estonian people became the main subjects discussed at the meeting. It was found that explanation of the advantages of the European Union has not been sufficient. There has not been enough research into what is the price of non-accession and it has not been analysed what our economic situation would be like if European Union would stop the benefits it has given to us as a potential members and that may be annulled when we decide to say ''no'' to the European Union. It is also important to acknowledge that many environmental and social investments and reforms have to be done regardless of our accession process or its speed. At the same time there is too much discussion of economic numbers, but the European Union also means common spiritual and cultural values. It was admitted that in the future, the advantages of the European Union should be introduced more from the viewpoint of the different interests and needs of different target groups.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, April 19, 2001


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