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On the meeting of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister held today

At the working lunch today with the Prime Minister, President Lennart Meri and Prime Minister Mart Laar focused on the privatisation of infrastructure enterprises. Prime Minister did not have replies today to all questions of the President concerning the protection of national security interests in the privatisation of the railway, but he assured the President that in the week-end he would send him an overview of how the security interests of Estonia have been protected. The Prime Minister assured the President again that the contract on the privatisation of the railway would only be signed in case it is fully certain that privatisation is in compliance with the needs of Estonia and that it is not accompanied by any risks to the national interests of Estonia.

The President also heard the positions of the Prime Minister concerning the restoration of passenger train traffic and was apprised of the intention of the Prime Minister to restore passenger train traffic already this summer. The Prime Minister also provided an overview of the negotiations held between AS Eesti Energia and NRG in the issue of the sale of the Narva power stations.

President Meri pointed out that he had been contacted by hundreds of people from Läänemaa who are worried about the closing of the Maternity Department of the Läänemaa Hospital. The Prime Minister promised to attend to that issue personally.

The situation around the hangar of hydroplanes in Tallinn was also discussed at the meeting. The Prime Minister assured the President that court actions concerning the plot of land are reaching a final solution that is favourable to the state, the government will regain control over the hangar of hydroplanes and the port located near it and will retain it in state ownership. Prime Minister Laar also assured the President that he did not regard it necessary to deliver the hangar of hydroplanes and the port belonging to it to the city.

Legal Chancellor Allar Jõks also participated in the meeting.

Press service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, April 25, 2001


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