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The President of the Republic greeted the yacht "Lennuk" returning from the cruise around the world

President Meri, who is the patron of the cruise around the world, received the crew of the yacht ''Lennuk'' that had taken the Estonian flag around the world, at the Pirita harbour yesterday night, and welcomed them upon their return.

''I am proud of you, the men who carried the Estonian flag around the world. Thank you in the name of all Estonia. Let this seed now sprout, so that the Estonian flag might again fly at all seas and, hopefully, also in all Estonian homes,'' President Meri said in his welcoming speech. The President praised the crew of ''Lennuk'' for holding high the honour of Estonia.

By his resolution from February 2, 2001, the President of the Republic conferred the III Class Order of the Estonian Red Cross on Mart Saarso, the skipper of ''Lennuk''.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, March 19, 2001


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