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The President of the Republic granted an appeal for clemency

On March 29, the President of the Republic pardoned Vallar Bank, releasing him on parole. Vallar Bank was convicted for murder in 1999, and has borne his custodial sentence for more than two years. His offence was committed in 1994, when Vallar Bank, a member of the Defence League, received service orders from his commander to participate in a Defence League operation for preventing an allegedly illegal action. Vallar Bank had no previous criminal record.

The convicted offender has three small children, and his wife is expecting the birth of their fourth child. Vallar Bank's appeal for clemency was supported by the local Järva-Jaani rural municipality government, the Järva-Jaani platoon of the Järva-Jaani Unit of the Defence League, and his last employer.

The President emphasised that nothing would remedy the committed crime. When granting the appeal for clemency, the President of the Republic considered universal human circumstances, the convicted offender's sincere confession in court, and the situation in the family.

As the President said, accidents with weapons involving members of the Defence League have become rarer, but the commanders will still have to work hard to prevent them, and to understand their rights and duties.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, March 29, 2001


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