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The President of the Republic signed the resolution on conferring decorations

President Lennart Meri today signed the resolution to confer honorary decorations on 795 citizens of Estonia or other countries in recognition of their services to the country and the people of Estonia.

The Republic of Estonia is grateful to those brave people who maintained the legal continuity of the Republic of Estonia throughout the decades of occupation, and to those who have promoted Estonia's statehood and life in Estonia during independence; on the 83rd anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, special gratitude is bestowed on the veterans of the War of Liberty.

By the resolution of the President, the Republic of Estonia extends gratitude to the people's representatives, politicians who have been members of the VII, VIII, and IX Riigikogu. The President's special appreciation belongs to those long-term delegates, who took part in composing the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia in the Constitutional Assembly. The Republic of Estonia also thanks all the Prime Ministers who have held this post after the restoration of independence.

The Republic of Estonia is grateful to those who have fought for her, showing personal courage and setting an example; to teachers and diplomats, scientists and life-savers, public servants and freedom fighters, to those who have dedicated themselves to their profession. After the year of the Olympics, the President also wishes to thank the sportsmen who won Olympic medals for Estonia.

The state extends its recognition to representatives of many callings, and Estonia is grateful to them all.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 2, 2001


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