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The President of the Republic proclaimed nine laws

President Lennart Meri today signed the resolution to proclaim the ''Telecommunications Act Amendment Act'', passed in the Riigikogu on February 13, and the ''State Border Act and the Consular Act Amendment Act'', the ''Advertising Act Amendment Act'', the '''European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions Concerning Custody of Children and on Restoration of Custody of Children' Ratification Act'', the '''Additional Protocol to the Agreement on Restoration of the State Border between the Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Latvia' Ratification Act'', the ''Accession to the 'Multilateral Agreement on Commercial Rights of Non-Scheduled Air Services in Europe' Act'', and the ''Act Amending Section 8 of the Public Health Act'', passed in the Riigikogu on February 14.

The President also proclaimed the ''Act Amending Section 18 of the Value Added Tax Act'' and the ''Deliberate Release of Genetically Modified Organisms into the Environment Act Amendment Act'', passed in the Riigikogu on February 20.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, February 27, 2001


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