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The President of the Republic wrote to the Chairman of the Board of the BMW Group

President Lennart Meri yesterday sent a letter to Joachim Milberg, Chairman of the Board of the BMW Group, to express his pleasure with BMW Group's decision to consider establishing a plant in Estonia, and assured that Estonia as a future member state of the European Union is a most appropriate choice for such an investment.

The President emphasised Estonia's close ties to the European Union, whose proportion in Estonia's export and import has grown to 75%, and free trade agreements with the countries of the European Union, the EFTA and most of the former Soviet bloc.

The President mentioned that nearly 200 companies with German partnership have been registered in Estonia, and that among others, also Ruhrgas, Alte Leipziger, Herman Koehne Bauunternehmung, and Dynamit Nobel have invested into Estonia. The President expressed his hope that the BMW Group would decide in favour of opening a plant in Estonia, and that the decision would bring success to both the BMW Group and Estonia.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, January 24


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