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The President of the Republic met the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture

President Lennart Meri and Prime Minister Mart LaarToday, the President of the Republic's meeting with Prime Minister Mart Laar was also attended by Ivari Padar, the Minister of Agriculture. The current situation in Estonian agriculture was discussed, as well as development plans for the coming years, especially considering Estonia's integration to the European Union.

As the Minister of Agriculture said, the European Union requirements are the precondition of competitive agricultural production. Estonia can not be a bystander in the world. The so-called ''Eurostandards'' that have been over-emphasised in the public have caused quite unfounded fears of food prices rising several times in Estonia. And yet, the producer's prices in Estonia already constitute 75-100% of the producer's prices in the European Union, Minister Padar said.

Quite puzzling protests were also roused by the requirement that shop assistants in food stores must have the possibility to wash their hands with water and soap – which is in fact a long-standing custom in Estonia.
The President pointed out that each member of the Government has the task to translate the mysterious ''Eurostandards'' into a language that would be easily understandable to the public.

On the meeting, President Meri also informed the cabinet politicians of Allar Jõks's candidacy to the post of the Legal Chancellor.

The President of the Republic presented the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture the renovation works at the Kadriorg Presidential Palace

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, January 31, 2001


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