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10,000 victims of alien powers got the Broken Cornflower Badge from the President of the Republic

From May 28 to June 13, President Lennart Meri met those who had suffered from the violence of alien powers in all the Estonian counties. In his speeches, the President thanked those who had survived those hard times for having preserved the state and the people of Estonia, and invited the people to look into the future and take care so that the events of 60 years ago would never recur in Estonia. As the President said, it is possible to forgive, but we must not forget our past. The President shook hands with and handed over the Broken Cornflower badge to 829 fellow sufferers in Pärnu County, 290 in Valga County, 505 in Viljandi County, 297 in Võru County, 259 in Põlva County, 289 in Jõgeva County, 387 in Eastern Viru County, 405 in Western Viru County, 367 in Järva County, 642 in Tartu County, 330 in Lääne County, 94 on Hiiumaa, 360 on Saaremaa, 299 in Rapla County and 1307 in Harju County. All in all, 6660 people received the badge from the President. 20,000 people participated in all the events.

Over 3000 people, who could not participate in the events for health or other reasons, have also announced their wish to receive a Broken Cornflower Badge. They will receive the Broken Cornflower badges from the local government leaders.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, June 14, 2001


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