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The President of the Republic congratulated Hansapank on its 10th anniversary

President Lennart Meri congratulated Hansapank on its 10th anniversary. The President also congratulated all the clients of Hansapank, of whom there are twice as many outside Estonia today as there are inhabitants in Estonia. The President expressed his pleasure that Hansapank considers it important to co-operate with Latvians and Lithuanians, and has not been trapped in the arrogance towards our southern neighbours that sometimes seems to overcome Estonians.

The President emphasised that the world is neither good nor bad. Also Andres and Pearu can not be separated from each other, they are two sides of the same personality. The world is rational. Also people should be rational. The President expressed his regret that often enough, what Hansapank has had to say about Estonian economy or society has gone unnoticed. Hansapank has knowledge and experience that Estonia could have better use for.

The President praised the young managers of Hansabank for not establishing a bank just for easy profit, but with regard to long-term perspectives. This is the reason why, in the PresidentÂ’s opinion, Hansapank today has the same meaning for Estonians as Nokia has for Finns.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, July 1, 2001


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