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The President of the Republic met the President of the French Senate

President Lennart Meri today had a meeting with Christian Poncelet, the President of the French Senate. On the meeting, Meri and Poncelet stated that the bilateral relations between the two countries are excellent. Also the situation in Russia was discussed, and it was pointed out that it is important for Europe that the principles of democracy would become rooted in Russia, and that Russia would find its path to European democracy.

Also international security, religions of the world, and the arts were discussed. Poncelet was interested in the problems of Estonia, and President Meri summed up the progress of the presidential elections in Estonia so far, after which the President of the French Senate spoke of the procedures for electing the President in France.

Also the integration of Europe was discussed, Poncelet stated that just as other parts of the world, also Europe needs certain organising. Meri emphasised that Europe’s strength is in the diversity of its member states.

Giving an address on the presentation of the exhibition of the 20th century Estonian painting in Europe, Poncelet reiterated that there was not the slightest doubt that Estonia would soon accede to the European Union.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, August 30, 2001


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