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The President of the Republic’s Academic Council will convene to the last meeting

The President of the Republic’s Academic Council, initiated by President Meri in 1994, will gather for its last meeting during President Lennart Meri’s term of office. The Academic Council has the task to bring together scientists and cultural figures who could, remaining outside party politics, put into words the strategic goals of the Republic of Estonia and outline the solutions.

The theme of the meeting starting today at 4 PM in the Kadriorg Palace will be “Political parties, Politics, Democracy”. Professor Kaido Jaanson will discuss some phenomena in the party political life of democratic countries at the end of the 20th century, and Mikko Lagerspetz, Professor of Sociology from the Estonian Humanitarian Institute, will deliver a presentation on the development needs of politics and political culture in Estonia, and Evald Mikkel, lecturer form the politology department of Tartu University, will speak of the prospects of party democracy in the post-communist world.

At 6 PM, the President of the Republic’s Academic Council, including the earlier members of the Council as well as all those who have presented papers on the meetings, will present the book “Thinking of Estonia”, which has been composed on the initiative of Academician Mihkel Veiderma and contains all the subjects discussed from 1994 to 2001, in the Kadriorg Baroque Palace.

The press is welcome to record the events.

Information on the work of the Academic Council is available on the President of the Republic’s homepage

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, September 6, 2001


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