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President of the Republic and Archbishop Jaan Kiivit talked about common spi­ri­tual values

President Lennart Meri called Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Jaan Kiivit today on the phone and thanked the head of the church for the appeal to commemorate the victims of terror in America and the victims of poisoning in Pärnumaa and Läänemaa in the churches all over Estonia this Sunday.

According to Archbishop, Christian food for the soul supports the entire nation in each difficult hour and all mourners that have lost someone close to them.

The President and the Archbishop both agreed that such a large number of victims of il­licitly sold alcohol is a great loss for Estonia. It is a national problem with roots in our totalitarian past, where the common ethical and Christian values of our people have suffered together with the people themselves.

According to the President of the Republic the pain and suffering of each single per­son are tragic, just like the loss of each human life is tragic both to their close ones and to the entire society. But the reasons that bent them towards illicitly sold alcohol can­not be called tragic and have to be condemned.

President Meri and Archbishop Kiivit found that the discussion of these subjects should be continued next week, involving more extensively the spiritual leaders of the Es­tonian society, in order to discuss the common spiritual values of the Estonian people and prevent the recurrence of similar situations.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, September 14, 2001


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