Officers in 2001
Weizenbergi 39, 15050
Tallinn, Estonia
tel: + 372 631 6202
fax: + 372 631 6250

Mr. Urmas Reinsalu, Director

Mr. Andres Suurkuusk, Managing Director

Ms. Katrin Lumberg, HR Manager

Mr. Toivo Klaar, Diplomatic Counsellor to the President

Mr. Harri Mikk, Domestic Counsellor to the President

Mr. Toomas Kiho, Adviser to the President

Mr. Hagi Šein, Counsellor at the Roundtable of National Minorities

Mr. Toomas Hiio, Counsellor at the International Commission for the Investigation of Crimes Against Humanity

Ms. Piret Nahk, Assistant to the President

Legal Department

Ms. Mall Gramberg, Legal Adviser

Mr. Ivar Ranne, Adviser

Ms. Helve Hint, Adviser

Foreign Policy Department

Mr. Aksel Tamm, Adviser

Ms. Mari Tomingas, National Defence and Security Adviser

Ms. Margit Tombak, Consultant

Domestic Policy Department

Mr. Erki Holmberg, Head of Department

Ms. Lea Uus, Consultant

Press Department

Ms. Epp Alatalu, Press Adviser

Ms. Karin Piir, Assistant to the Press Adviser

Protocol Department

Ms. Piret Saluri, The President's Chef de protocole

Ms. Liisa Ojaveer, Consultant

Mr. Jaanus Elvre, Senior Aide-de-Camp

Mr. Kristian Pärt, Junior Aide-de-Camp


Ms. Sigrid Haage, Head of Department

Ms. Vaike Siirus, Consultant

Ms. Daily Varik, Secretary

Ms. Mailis Neppo, Secretary

Ms. Aet Varik, Translator-Editor>

Ms. Külli Solo, Information Specialist, National Library

Document Service

Ms. Katrin Jõgi, Senior Consultant

Ms. Heli Ehasalu, Consultant

Administrative Department

Mr. Gerhard Hürri, Head of Department

Ms. Ingrid Elvre, Assistant

Accounting Department

Ms. Mai Piirmets, Head of Department

Ms. Irina Kaska, Accountant

Ms. Irina Orehhova, Junior Accountant

Information Technology Service

Mr. Taavi Meos, System Manager

Mr. Marko Ermann, System Administrator

Ms. Margit Teesalu-Kranich, Webmaster


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