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The President of the Republic's Academic Council discussed environment protection issues

The Academic Council convened at the President of the Republic's in Kadriorg this evening to discuss the key issues of wildlife and environment protection.

Presentations were delivered by Academician Anto Raukas, who spoke of the current problems of Estonian environment protection, and Eerik Leibak, who discussed the problems of protection of biological variety in Estonia. Heiki Kranich, the Minister of Environment, who participated in the meeting of the Academic Council as a guest, delineated the positions of the Government of the Republic of Estonia on these issues. The meeting dedicated to the problems of environment protection was chaired by Academician Erast Parmasto.

The Academic Council of the President of the Republic will convene to its last meeting during President Meri''s term of presidency on September 6. On that meeting, the situation of strategic planning in Estonia will be discussed.

Press Service of the Office of the President
Kadriorg, May 10, 2001


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